My Kitchen Alphabet : Restaurant Bon-Bon

My Kitchen Alphabet : Restaurant Bon-Bon

Book Title: My Kitchen Alphabet : Restaurant Bon-Bon

Author: Daniel Humm

Format: Hardback | 160 pages

Publication Date: 25 Mar 2015

ISBN-13: 9789058564924

Christophe Hardiquest, chef of Restaurant Bon-Bon in Brussels, earned his second Michelin star earlier this year. Culinary guide Gault Millau awards him a top ranking too: with a score of 19 out of 20. Restaurant Bon-Bon is in the top 5 of the best culinary addresses in Belgium. With the alphabet as a guide, Hardiquest presents his favourite products. He talks about his passion, his drive, inspiration and his entourage. Twenty letters stand for his most cherished ingredients, products that characterise his kitchen and around which the chef works out his exquisite signature dishes. Forty gourmet creations give the reader a taste of the craftsmanship and the impeccable taste palette of Bon-Bon. Master chef Christophe links the remaining letters of his kitchen alphabet to a keyword that brings his culinary philosophy and his personality into the picture.