Benetton Formula 1 : A Story

Benetton Formula 1 : A Story

Book Title: Benetton Formula 1 : A Story

Author: Adrian Newey

Format: Hardback | 356 pages

Publication Date: 11 Sep 2006

ISBN-13: 9788876246036

Benetton's story is a rather anomalous one. It arises from the dream of an industrialist - who has never made cars but pullovers - to race his cars in the Formula 1. It was a dream that became a reality in an extraordinarily effective manner. A phenomenon, a unique and probably unrepeatable event which overturned the parameters of the world of Grand Prix. Today, Luciano Benetton can look back with pride and mull over how good his team was during those 19 years on the track, first as sponsor and then as constructor, and remember the figures who took part in the adventure, recalling the major events in each season and the numerous drivers, at the top of which was Michael Schumacher, who was unknown when first hired.