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Book Title: <script>alert("!Mediengruppe Bitnik");</script>

Author: Caroline de Guitaut

Format: Paperback | 144 pages

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2017

ISBN-13: 9783903153509

!Mediengruppe Bitnik have made a name for themselves in recent years with spectacular works. They bugged the Zurich Opera and programmed a shopping bot to randomly shop for goods on the darknet. !Mediengruppe Bitnik's first monography is a documentation of their works since 2007.

It is published on the occasion of the Geneva Arts Society Prize, which !Mediengruppe Bitnik were awarded in 2017. The monography accompanies !Mediengruppe Bitnik's solo show at the Société des Arts' Crosnier Room in Geneva. It features two text contributions: The first by curator and art critic Aude Launay and the other by art historian and curator Boris Magrini. The publication was designed by Christoph Knoth und Konrad Renner.