Lovers & Madmen

Lovers & Madmen

Book Title: Lovers & Madmen

Author: Martin Sigrist

Format: Hardback | 320 pages

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2017

ISBN-13: 9783037666647

Roy Stuart is convinced that sex, photography, and film should not be left to the porn industry, so this book contains a 60-minute DVD, with sequences from the master artists's Glimpse series, and a long, highly erotic contribution to the book's main story. Thus the adventure does not end on the last page, but finds it continuation in the film. Here the photographer takes on multifarious roles: a film director, actor, musician, and poet. We find the psychiatrist from the two previous opuses in his desperate quest for his mystery woman, eager to discover the magic formula that would open to him her mind, heart, and body. He chooses this time a beautiful young girl with the face of a Madonna, small adolescent breasts, and the pussy of a woman with thick, lovely hair. Arranged around the main story there are also several scenes featuring other graceful young models, both hot and cold, who allow us to share their pleasures voyeuristically. The film is accompanied by captivating music, and the book features well-chosen texts and quotations from famous sources.