Objectif Falaise : 14-16 Aout 1944

Objectif Falaise : 14-16 Aout 1944

Book Title: Objectif Falaise : 14-16 Aout 1944

Author: Georges Bernage

Format: Hardback | 80 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jun 2012

ISBN-13: 9782840483120

The battle of the Falaise Pocket, fought during World War II from 12-21 August 1944, was the decisive engagement of the Battle of Normandy. Taking its name from the area around the town of Falaise within which Army Group B, consisting of the German 7th and 5th Panzer Armies, became encircled by the advancing Western Allies, the battle is also referred to as the Falaise Gap after the corridor which the Germans sought to maintain to allow their escape. The battle resulted in the destruction of the bulk of Germany's forces west of the River Seine and opened the way to Paris and the German border.

This battle is also noted as the scene of the death of Michael Wittmann, one of Germany's top scoring Panzer aces and a household name in Germany at the time.

This book is packed with photographs, some in colour, of the most dramatic days of the battle, and is an invaluable reference tool to any modeller, historian or enthusiast.

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