Le Commando De Penfentenyo

Le Commando De Penfentenyo

Book Title: Le Commando De Penfentenyo

Author: Ollie Ollerton

Format: Hardback | 400 pages

Publication Date: 15 Nov 2010

ISBN-13: 9782840482666

Jean Durantin presents the long-awaited history of the French Naval Special Forces unit Commando de Penfentenyo enlisted in the Algerian battles from 1954 to 1962.

Richly documented with over 1,000 colour photographs and original documents, Durantin provides the entire history of the marine commando during this campaign and makes reference to specific commandos such as"Yatagan."

The Algerian War was a fiercely fought conflict between French and Algerians forces that resulted in the creation of the independent state of Algeria. Guerilla warfare, terrorism and torture were all components of this hard won campaign, that still haunt Algerian and French relations today.

French Language