Humvee Au Combat

Humvee Au Combat

Book Title: Humvee Au Combat

Author: Doyle David

Format: Paperback | 80 pages

Publication Date: 15 Nov 2010

ISBN-13: 9782352501015

The HMMWV (for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle), commonly called the Humvee, remains the most produced vehicle in service and the most used within the American armed forces. A military 4WD motor vehicle created by AM General, it has largely supplanted the roles formerly served by smaller Jeeps and light trucks. Primarily used by the United States military, it is also used by a number of other countries and organisations and in civilian adaptations.

For its origins, however, you have to go back to the dawn of World War II, at the time when the US Army needed a light utility vehicle for liaison, reconnaissance, transport, and combat missions. The Jeep was born from this need and it became the symbol of symbols for military vehicles and a true innovation of its day.

This full-colour book includes 175 full colour photos of the Humvee in action around the world.