Le docteur Pascal

Le docteur Pascal

Book Title: Le docteur Pascal

Author: Emile Zola

Format: Paperback | 471 pages

Publication Date: 01 Apr 1993

ISBN-13: 9782070386628

It was a new hell. There were no more violent quarrels between Pascal and Clotilde. The doors were no longer slammed. Voices raised in dispute no longer obliged Martine to go continually upstairs to listen outside the door. They scarcely spoke to each other now; and not a single word had been exchanged between them regarding the midnight scene, although weeks had passed since it had taken place. He, through an inexplicable scruple, a strange delicacy of which he was not himself conscious, did not wish to renew the conversation, and to demand the answer which he expected--a promise of faith in him and of submission.