La Reunion - Zoom Map 139 : Map

La Reunion - Zoom Map 139 : Map

Book Title: La Reunion - Zoom Map 139 : Map

Author: Alexandra Richards

Format: Sheet map | 1 pages

Publication Date: 15 Jun 2017

ISBN-13: 9782067223486

Explore intriguing Reunion, a French-speaking island in the Indian Ocean, with the updated Zoom Reunion Map 139. The map offers an index, distance chart, and legend in English for easy reference, as well as inset maps for St-Denis, St-Pierre, St-Gilles and Cilaos. Travelers adventuring on their own on Reunion's main, secondary and back roads will appreciate Michelin's high standard for detailed, accurate mapping. Information on recreational activities, points of interest, walking paths, and scenic drives and sites will add to their enjoyment. Detailed road map for exploring the island's main roads and back roads, with tourist information for an enjoyable visit.