Square Horizon : Horizon carre

Square Horizon : Horizon carre

Book Title: Square Horizon : Horizon carre

Author: Vicente Huidobro

Format: Paperback | 140 pages

Publication Date: 18 Jan 2019

ISBN-13: 9781848616516

Huidobro published Horizon carre in Paris in 1917), and quickly followed it with Tour Eiffel (in French and Spanish; Madrid, 1918), Hallali (in French; Madrid, 1918); Ecuatorial (in Spanish; Madrid, 1918), Poemas articos, likewise published in Spanish in Madrid, and El espejo de agua, a Spanish-language volume from 1916, reissued in Madrid in 1918.

Horizon carre is heavily influenced by the work of Guillaume Apollinaire and marks Huidobro's definitive arrival on the avant-garde scene in Paris, even if-it has to be said-the volume is derivative. Huidobro's French was good even before he arrived in Paris: he had been educated well in Santiago, but this would not have prepared him for the linguistic and intellectual ferment he would find upon arrival in the main seat of the international avant-garde. Many of his early French-language manuscripts show signs of corrections by his friends at the time-the French poet, Pierre Reverdy and the Spanish artist, Picabia, both being among them.