Tricolore 5e edition Audio CD Pack 2

Tricolore 5e edition Audio CD Pack 2

Book Title: Tricolore 5e edition Audio CD Pack 2

Author: Sylvia Honnor

Format: CD-Audio | 6 pages

Publication Date: 14 May 2015

ISBN-13: 9781408527412

Tricolore 5th edition provides stimulating, up-to-date content with tailored resources to inspire and stretch high-achieving students. Closely aligned to the 2014 Programme of Study, this course teaches essential skills while developing independent learning and creativity. The course also places an emphasis on getting students prepared for GCSE and beyond. Take a look and see how it supports grammar skills, reading and translations of authentic texts, and spontaneous

This new edition now includes:
- Detailed, progressive grammar and skills coverage, plus a focus on sound-spelling links to support pronunciation, spelling and transcription
- On-the-page extension activities to support students with prior knowledge of French or those in need of an extra challenge
- End-of-unit summaries and unit assessment in all four skills

Tricolore has a full suite of resources to support your needs: the Student Book, Teacher Books, Workbooks, Audio CDs and next generation Kerboodle.