European Community Atlas of Avoidable Death

European Community Atlas of Avoidable Death

Book Title: European Community Atlas of Avoidable Death

Author: Ian B. Wilkinson

Format: Hardback | 380 pages

Publication Date: 12 May 1988

ISBN-13: 9780192615633

There are a number of diseases which are potentially fatal, but which can be cured by modern medical treatment. Any deaths that do occur from these diseases may therefore be termed 'avoidable deaths'. This book is the result of a project set up to collect and compare data on avoidable deaths within the European Community. The data are presented as maps and tables, and comparisons are made between mortality rates in different regions of each country as well as between different countries. The data are given without detailed interpretation, as local circumstances can cause significant variations. The information may be used as a basis for further, more detailed, studies. Readership: health service administrators, medical statisticians, epidemiologists, medical geographers.