Technical Dictionary of High Polymers

Technical Dictionary of High Polymers

Book Title: Technical Dictionary of High Polymers

Author: A. M. Neville

Format: Hardback | 960 pages

Publication Date: 01 May 1969

ISBN-13: 9780080131122

Contains some 10,000 terms each rendered in English, German, French and Russian. They range from the scientific base of high polymers (chemistry, physics, physical chemistry) through production methods (polymerization, polycondensation, etc.) to applications of the material and semi-finished products. The selection of terms has intentionally been restricted to those not usually found in polytechnical dictionaries thereby avoiding unnecessary duplication. Apart from plastics and rubber derivatives, fibres, varnishes and other coatings, adhesives and woodworking materials are included, as are terms derived from the paper industry, textiles, paints, plasticizers and glass fibre so far as they are relevant to research and manufacture of high polymers. A useful reference work for libraries of every institution involved in the production of and research into high polymers. Also suitable for research workers who frequently have to read foreign literature, polymer scientists, plastics technologists.